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We at Human Touch Translations place utmost emphasis on receiving and delivering superb linguistic quality and on building long-term working relationships with our linguists.

We are always looking to work with linguists that share our values, drive, vision for and long-term commitment to outstanding customer service. As part of our highly rigorous recruitment process, we select the most qualified linguist for each assignment based on our clients’ requirements, so you will always work on projects that fit your profile.

All our linguists must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Proven strong passion for and commitment to providing linguistic quality and meeting strict deadlines;
  • Proficient speaker of English regardless of your native language;
  • Native speaker of the target language;
  • Minimum of five years of experience in providing linguistic services (e.g. translation, transcription, interpreting, etc.);
  • Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent;
  • Demonstrable experience and/or educational degree in a specialized field (e.g. patents, legal, engineering, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.);
  • Degree in translation or interpreting from a reputable institution highly preferred.

If you meet the above minimum criteria and are interested in becoming part of our team of professional linguists, you can apply to work with Human Touch Translations by sending the following information via email to

  • Your resume, with a verifiable address and telephone number, demonstrating that you possess the minimum qualifications described above;
  • A cover letter with a description of the services you offer in your language pair(s) and include at least two references with contact information;
  • Provide rates in USD for all services you offer.

If you do not receive an immediate response, do not be alarmed. We carefully review all linguist applications and those that meet or exceed the required qualifications and criteria will be further evaluated. Outstanding candidates will be contacted by one of our staff members.

Our commitment to our linguists

We ensure safe handling of all personal information entrusted to us, on-time payment and a friendly staff to work with.

We encourage and promote training and professional development. We invite you to visit our website where we frequently share professional development opportunities as well as trends and news related to the language industry that may be of interest to you.

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