We at Human Touch Translations have an extensive network of foreign language transcriptionists who produce a transcript in a wide variety of languages. Whether you need to transcribe market research focus groups, legal content, a physician’s report or any other audio or video content, you can count on Human Touch Translations as your professional foreign language transcription partner.

We offer accurate, prompt and affordable transcriptions and a variety of options, depending on your needs, including

  • Monolingual transcription, when the transcript is provided in the language of the audio recording (for example, Spanish audio to Spanish text)
  • Double column transcription, when you need both the source language transcript and the translation of the transcript (for example, Spanish audio to Spanish text, and side-by-side English translation of Spanish text)
  • Interpretive transcription, when you only need to understand the contents of the digital media, the transcriptionist goes directly from the source audio to English text (for example, Spanish audio to English text)
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