HTT continues to be a pioneer in what the company considered to be a critical area: document security. Earlier this year it migrated to the Amazon Web Secure (AWS) cloud, one of the world’s most secure computing platforms. This was seconded by the deployment of Appriver’s datacenter (Audited SAS 70 Type 2) secure email web portal technology. Emails are encrypted at rest and in flight and are processed at Appriver`s secure datacenters. This process insures that all of its clients’ data for translation that requires high-level security is always routed in a For Your Eyes Only (FYOE) environment.

To further prevent access to its clients’ confidential information by unauthorized parties, HTT has reinforced security with HTTPS protocols, multiple levels of credentialing by AWS and its internal systems for access to everything on its cloud site and incorporated Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus software. This antivirus software, along with others running in the background at all times, allows HTT to globally view and prevent virus intrusion on all desktops, laptops, servers and other platforms.

But HTT still felt there was a potential loophole in the chain of custody of their clients’ confidential information. One that invariably exists in spite of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, whenever third parties have access to information in a virtual world. The final link in the secure chain of custody between HTT, its clients, its linguists and back to its clients is protected by digital rights management software.

HTT, who also received their ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate in June 2014, implemented SitelockTM and double authentication to access their webpage and all of their social media pages. This protects clients, vendors, partners and the company itself from hackers, spam, viruses and scams, removes malware and provides PCI Compliance.

HTT has gone one step further to protect its clients’ confidential information: Cyber Security insurance. This new policy, in addition to the current Professional Liability insurance policy, allows clients to be covered at their request. Cyber Security Insurance is the final link in the secure chain of custody of confidential documents.

“We are confident that our unique 360degree Secure Cyber Chain of Custody sets us apart from other language service suppliers,” stated Erika Nagy, President of Human Touch Translations, Ltd. “In a world where over 70% of employees have access to sensitive confidential information on their personal technology devices, it behooves us to take the strongest pre-emptive measures to protect our clients.”

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