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The best ally in K-12 Student Assessments

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Designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, K-12 Student Assessments are one of the main tools used by local governments to evaluate educational programs and by educators to help determine what works in learning environments. The results provide a complete picture of what teachers and students are doing in the classroom, however, language and cultural barriers could stand in the way of this goal in case of non-native speaking English students. Read More

Human Touch Translations launches New Corporate Branding

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Human Touch Translations Ltd., has updated its corporate image with a new logo and corporate colors. The new logo shows two overlapping speech bubbles that represent verbal or written interchange between different languages. The arms embracing the speech bubbles, represent how Human Touch Translations reaches across the Globe to recreate the human experience that an accurate translation provides. Read More

Two Out of Five Hispanic Millennials are Mobile-Only Internet Users

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 53.3 million people – nearly one in six U.S. residents – are Hispanic. By 2060, this demographic segment is expected to make up approximately one third of those living in the United States. As this demographic shift occurs, marketers must have well-designed strategies for targeting this important segment, which has many unique media habits – particularly when it comes to digital. Read More

How to make sure you convey your marketing message across cultures

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The biggest and most common mistake companies who are starting to go global make in their marketing communications is believing that by simply translating their current marketing copy it will win customers in the new foreign market. Even though they made an important investment to create the campaign for their current market, including carrying out quantitative and qualitative market research on their logos, tag lines, packaging designs, product concept, competitors and demographics, many companies don`t realize that it takes the same amount of effort to convey that message in a new language. Read More

Accurate Translations are Critical to the Legal Industry

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Free trade agreements are critical to ensuring the economic health of countries, creating jobs and adding much needed business capital to spur growth. That was the case in 2011 when South Korea and the European Union were busy hammering out such an agreement. Both sides were, they thought, scrupulous in their examination of each section of the agreement, and, satisfied that their interests had been appropriately addressed, signed the agreement that year. Read More

Localization Tips

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Globalization is a phenomenon that’s been bringing the world closer through the exchange of goods and products, information, knowledge and culture. There is plenty of evidence that offerings adapted to local language, requirements, and tastes are much more successful. To do this, many companies utilize localization, which is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. For organizations having a global presence, the aim of localization is to give a product the look and feel of having been created for the target market and to eliminate, or at least minimize, local sensitivities. Read More

Reach Out To Your International Audience With Transcreation

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Globalization has allowed many businesses to reach out to wider audiences. The largest companies now have customers in several countries and many business owners will tell you that there is only so much you can accomplish by limiting yourself to a national market. Reaching out to an international audience comes with its unique challenges, including the language barrier but also a cultural divide. Read More

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