Are Your Prosecutions Handcuffed by Your Translations Company?


Human Touch Translations Can Free You From Lost Convictions Because of Poor Translations!


When translating audio recordings of criminals, translation companies can follow certain steps to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Here’s the approach Human Touch Translations takes:

Secure the Audio Recording: HTT has established a secure and confidential process for receiving and handling audio recordings to maintain the integrity of the information. This involves using an encrypted file transfer system (AES 256 encryption) and secure cloud storage infrastructure (AWS GovCloud).

Assign a Qualified Translator: It is crucial that a skilled and experienced translator with expertise in the relevant languages and knowledge of criminal terminology should be assigned to the project. That’s why HTT uses highly selective recruitment techniques with an uncompromising vetting process to handpick the most qualified linguists in the industry.

Transcribe the Audio: The audio recording needs to be transcribed into written form. Our translator listens to the recording repeatedly, meticulously transcribing the spoken words, dialogue, and any background noises or interruptions. They capture the content as accurately as possible, including any slang or colloquial language used by the criminals.

Translate the Transcription: Once the transcription is complete, our translator translates the content into the desired target language. They ensure that the translation accurately reflects the tone, intent, and context of the original recording, conveying the meaning while considering any linguistic and cultural nuances specific to the criminal’s language and dialect.

Review and Quality Assurance: HTT has an established quality management system (QMS) that is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. To maintain quality and accuracy, our strict quality assurance processes include a check of each translated word, sentence and page by a multilingual quality assurance specialist, in addition to the requested intensive linguistic review and certification.

Maintain Confidentiality: HTT strictly adheres to confidentiality protocols to protect highly sensitive information. We ensure that non-disclosure agreements are signed and documented by each staff member or linguist prior to being entrusted with any project from the Department. We are also equipped with secure data storage and transmission protocols.

Cultural and Contextual Understanding: Crime-related conversations involve coded language, references to specific events, or knowledge of local contexts. Our translators with cultural and contextual understanding can decipher these elements, helping law enforcement agencies better comprehend the content and implications of the recordings. All of HTT’s linguists are native speakers of the target language and have first-hand experience with the culture of the target audience. HTT maintain’s close communication with law enforcement agencies to ensure that the translations are aligned with their investigative needs and legal requirements.


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