How Human Touch Translations Plays A Crucial Role In Supporting the Department of Defense


The DOD operates on an international stage, engaging with allies, partners, and potential adversaries across diverse linguistic backgrounds. Human Touch Translations ensures effective communication between military personnel, diplomats, and local populations during joint operations, exercises, and peacekeeping missions.


HTT translates intercepted communications, documents, and materials obtained from various sources. Helping decode encrypted messages, extract actionable intelligence, and provide insights that shape strategic decisions and enhance national security. A significant portion of our linguists consists of former military personnel who have held key roles within the armed forces. These accomplished individuals hold significant experience and expertise and have an innate understanding of military jargon and cultural nuances, seamlessly capturing the essence of terminology and cultural connotations. Our linguists have security clearances that include Public, Confidential, and Top-Secret, creating an extra layer of expertise and trustworthiness.

Rapid and accurate translation of official statements, press releases, and public communication materials helps ensure that messages are consistent and accurately conveyed to both domestic and international audiences. Our track record includes numerous successful collaborations with NESA (Near East South Asia for Strategic Studies), providing simultaneous interpreting and translation services for conferences and events to ensure seamless communication. These events are geared towards programs bringing together general- and flag-level military officers and civilian government leaders (including at the ambassadorial and ministerial levels) to catalyze solutions to crucial regional challenges.

HTT boasts a wealth of experience within the military and DOD domain, specializing in the translation, interpretation, and transcription of highly classified and technical documents. In a technologically advanced military environment, technical documents, specifications, and manuals need to be accurately translated to ensure the proper use and maintenance of equipment and systems. Our services aid in language training programs for military personnel, enabling them to communicate effectively with local populations in various regions and enhancing their ability to gather information.

At Human Touch Translations we maintain a highly secure chain of custody so that all information is both protected and readily available only to those with adequate access rights. We do this using advanced security protocols, the use of encrypted file transfer system (AES 256 encryption) and secure cloud storage infrastructure (AWS GovCloud). As well as ensuring that non-disclosure agreements are signed and documented by each staff member or linguist, and background checks as required prior to being entrusted with any project from the Department.

Human Touch Translations is equipped with indispensable tools that facilitate effective communication, enhance intelligence gathering, and foster cooperation within the Department of Defense. We contribute to mission success, national security, and maintaining stable international relationships in an increasingly interconnected world.


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