Transcription and Transcribing: Unveiling the Power of Capturing Audio Evidence with Human Touch Translations


Human Touch Translations specializes in providing highly confidential transcription. Here is how HTT aids special agents in their pursuit of justice.


Transcription plays a pivotal role in the success of investigations, enabling special agents to access and understand audio evidence effectively. Human Touch Translations ensures that every spoken word and contextually relevant detail is captured accurately. 


The Importance of Precise Transcription: Transcription ensures that the spoken words, dialogue, and any background noises are accurately captured in written form. A meticulous transcription is essential for special agents to analyze and understand the content effectively, as it becomes the foundation for further investigation. We at Human Touch Translations have an extensive network of foreign language transcriptionists who produce a transcript in a wide variety of languages.

Expert Transcribers for Complex Content: All our linguists are native speakers of the target language and have first-hand experience with the culture of the target audience, ensuring they can accurately interpret and transcribe even complex content. Human Touch Translations’ attention to detail preserves the integrity of the evidence and avoids misinterpretations.

Deciphering Slang and Colloquial Language: Gang-related conversations often involve the use of slang, colloquial language, or coded references that may not be readily understood by those unfamiliar with the culture or group involved. Our expert transcribers are trained to decipher such language, ensuring that every subtlety and implication is captured in the transcription.

Quality Assurance in Transcribing: Transcription accuracy is paramount, considering that even minor errors can have significant consequences in investigations. Human Touch Translations (HTT) maintains rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure the highest standard of transcription. Each word, sentence, and page is meticulously reviewed by qualified specialists to verify its precision and consistency.

Types of Transcription Services: We offer accurate and prompt transcriptions and a variety of options, depending on your needs, including Monolingual transcription, when the transcript is provided in the language of the audio recording. Double column transcription, when you need both the source language transcript and the translation of the transcript. Interpretive transcription, when you only need to understand the contents of the digital media, the transcriptionist goes directly from the source audio to English text.




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